Žalgirio klinika

It was created logo, branded style, used promotional tools to strengthen popularity of brand for PSE ‘Vilniaus universiteto ligoninės Žalgirio klinika’

Logo is designed for ‘Žalgirio klinika’, based in Vilnius University Hospital. The name, consisting of five words does not leave place for additional components. It was necessary to unify the title with a minimum of additional graphics. It was chosen letter ‘K’, because there is visible cross – universal symbol in health care – in the abbreviation, reverse of ‘ŽK’. It was created logo with a single element – red rectangle that completely identifies the institution and the purpose of its activities. There was changed the colour from light green to darker, colder spectrum green, that red rectangle will be toning and highlighted.

Symbol geometry  
Brand identity  
Representative brochure  
Internal signage  
Outdoor signage  
Logo before and after  

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