Aqua Spektras

Attention! Octopus released into freedom! We offered a full service package for the pool equipment company: we created a company name, brand, branded style and website.

Pools, ponds, fountains, water amusement and wellness equipment, water care technologies, projection, service and authoring ‘know-how’ solutions – all this variety of services required pointed and clear name for the area of activity. In that way the combination of ‘water’ and ‘variety’ was born, which speaks for itself – ‘Aqua Spektras’. We chose the octopus – the ocean creature, whose speed, flexibility, cleverness and eight-handed work perfectly matched our customer’s professional features. Using playful isometric illustrations, we created a modern website and branded style.

Logo idea  
Brand identity – business cards  
Square 3fold Brochure  
Branded T-shirts  
Car styling  

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